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Friday, July 25, 2008

Express Your Feelings

Do you express what you feel? Or do you pretend to feel something different?

I think we would be a very different society if as children we would express our emotions but in a functional manner. Channeling our emotions in the correct manner is essential for our wellbeing but it happens that at times de demonstrate something different from what we are feeling. Why do we do it? To defend ourselves? Not to appear vulnerable? To prevent being hurt? For example, in regards to anger, at times it is easier to say "I am angry" than saying "I am depressed." What about if we explore the cause of our depression and do something about it? We don't have to fear our emotions!

Sometimes we wear masks that cover our real feelings but we are not actors and this is not a play. It is our life and it is beautiful. Let's express what we feel but never hurting other or ourselves. I invite you to take a piece of paper and a pencil and draw the face you show to the world. On another piece of paper draw the face you feel inside of you. Now compare both. Do they look the same? Do they look different? What do you feel inside you are not showing? This exercise will help you to communicate with your inner self and to deepen into what you are really feeling. Remember that the feelings we don't express may manifest themselves physically or emotionally. Go, write, share, but always with love, compassion and respect. You will feel better.

Ligia M. Houben, MA,CT,CG-C is a Life Transitions Consultant and Certified Grief Counselor. She is a national and international speaker and her philosophy is to transform the lives of people as they face challenges and losses in life. For more information visit her website Tel 305-666-9942.

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