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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Have Some Laughs at These Hippest Comedy Clubs

It also hosts many major US trade shows and is often referred to as the business capital of the country. A large number of people visit the city every year for various purposes. However, they all love to spend an evening filled with fun and laughter after a tiring day working or sightseeing.

New York is among the most spectacular cities in the world. Every year, it welcomes large number of tourists from all over the world. New York is the most important center of commerce and trade in the world. It has amazing restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs. There is something for every genre, be it the sports clubs, romantic restaurants, concert halls, theatres and comedy clubs. People visit New York for various purposes, but all like spending an evening filled with excitement, fun and laughter. Comedy is a discourse meant to amuse people especially in films, televisions and standup comedy. Comedy is a genre which is popular throughout the world. Many movies, television series and plays are being made which explores this genre.

There are various comedy clubs throughout New York that have the status of excellence and provides the best of entertainment to its audiences. Some of the best comedians in the world perform at these comedy clubs. The comedy clubs in New York City is also the training ground for the budding comedians of the future. It is a great place to forget all your worries and spend the time filled with excitement and laughter. Just go there and enjoy.

The comedy clubs in New York differ in sizes, from small to well illuminated and highly decorated big clubs. A comedy club is typically a venue where people can watch the performances of stand-up comedians, magicians, improvisational comedians, ventriloquists, impersonators and other comedy performances. The phrase comedy club refers to place which features standup comedy, in comparison to improv theatres which are places that host sketch comedy or improv and musical acts at the variety clubs.

Some of most popular comedy clubs in New York include: Caroline's Comedy Club, Ha Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar, Comic Strip Inc, Comix, Laugh Lounge NYC, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club and Laugh Factory @ Times Square.

Caroline's Comedy Club: located in Times Square, New York City, Caroline is a site for stand up comedy. It is among the most established, well known, recognized and famous stand up comedy clubs in USA. Some of the best comedians in the United States like Gilbert Gottfried, Paul Reubens, Jerry Seinfeld, Andrew Dice Clay, Andy Borowitz, Jay Leno, Joy Behar and Michael Richards have performed at Caroline's Comedy Club.

HA Comedy Club: HA was started in 2001 after Sweet Caroline's changed from nightclubs to the all comedy format. This one story space has 2 rooms, one with the seating capacity of 100 while at other it is 200. The setting is perfect for a comedy club with dark room, brick walls and small stages. The 2 item least lets the audiences choose from beer, soda, mixed drinks and martinis.

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