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Monday, October 5, 2009

How to Generate Massive Agreement within Minutes of Meeting Anybody

You can influence other person many different ways. Some ways are simple, some ways are tough. You can bribe people, you can threaten people. You can appeal to their ego or their wallets. You can even make them feel good for being persuaded, or you can make an instant and everlasting enemy.

Because you are reading this helpful article, you are concerning to learn a simple way to influence someone to do almost anything you wish for. They'll not only be pleased you did it, but they'll want you to do it to their friends too. Behold your new powers of persuasion, for they are fantastic.

The first thing you have to do is to establish rapport. Rapport is a very powerful circumstance to be in. It is also one that few people understand. Basically, the state of rapport means that you feel an incredible connection to somebody. Somebody that you just met or somebody you've known a long time. Powerful persuaders can produce a feeling of rapport in matter of minutes.

The best and quickest way to build rapport is to match them in as many ways as you can. Follow the way they talk, the way they move, the words that they use and even the tonality of their voice. When they scratch their nose, you scratch your cheek. When they scratch their ear, you scratch your nose. If you are afraid of getting caught, don't worry. Most people never focus on to another person's body language.

Okay, so you are in deep rapport, what do you do next?

It is time to start leading them a bit. Lean back if you are sitting, and see if they do the same thing. Scratch your ear, and see what happens. Once you've got them following you, you are prepared for the Jedi mind tricks.

Get them talking about something. And once they are talking about anything that is important to them, elicit their criteria. If they say they enjoy swimming, ask them what they like about it so much. Agree that whatever reason they come up with is valuable and important. This is their criteria. And once you have this, it's like taking candy from a baby.

Now that you have their criteria, you can begin to control it. Once they give you a few deeper reasons for some of the things they like, remember them. Then later in the conversation, when you start to bit by bit steer it towards what you want them to do, casually clarify that many others have done what you want them to do, and they have experienced anything it was they gave for one of their criterion.

Keep in two things. One is that when you first begin to try this, it will seem clumsy at first. That's okay. Keep at it. The second thing is that you'll notice that when you get done with this, it is a very powerful and persuasive technique to almost bend people to your will. Be careful.

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