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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Think Happy Live Easy

'Happy thoughts children,' I remember my kindergarten teacher telling my classmates and I this when we were five. Happy thought yield to an easy life. We get a lot of living easy lessons when we are we are young that are simple, but later in life when we need we think - Happy thoughts, that can't work. The reality is that happy thoughts do work.

If you want to be happy, and most of us do, then think happy thoughts. If you think then the body will respond in kind. Try this right now, repeat over and over to yourself or out loud, 'I'm happy!' Say over and over again for one to two minutes. Chances are that at the end of this experiment you will be feeling happier at the end of it then when you started. The reason behind this is that your brain responds positively to affirmative thoughts. If you want to be happy think happy thoughts.

Why is happiness so important? Its quite simple when you happy life goes by easier. Happiness allows you to accomplish things effortlessly. Happiness is a great motivated. Happy people tend to be fit, have great relationships, and love their work. Happiness breeds success. If you want to do well in life then think happy thoughts.

So if you want to have an easy life, then keep thinking your happy. Each day when you rise tell yourself today is going to be a happy day. When you go to bed review all the happy events. Before you know it, you will be living a happy life, and your life will be easy.

Vince Chiles, LCSW is the author of a self-published book Happiness in Five Minutes a Day which is scheduled to be released to the public 3/26/08. Information about Vince and his book can be obtained by going to

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