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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Self Esteem and Your Diet

Do you have self-esteem?

If you don't love yourself and the body you have right now you are dooming your diet to failure.

Why do I say this? Because coming to love your current body, will lead to inner-peace. Inner-peace Will help you get past those bumps in the diet road.

Yes there will be bumps no matter how much you love your diet. You will still hear hurtful comments. When you hear that hated "she has such a pretty face, if only" smile and say to yourself "Yes I do and the rest of me is pretty terrific and getting better by the minute."

How Do You Come To Love Your Body?
Get to know it.

Get a full length mirror and look at it. Study your good points and your bad. Watch the bad change over the weeks.

Pamper yourself, you deserve it.

Give yourself 30 minutes every day just for you. Soak in a tub, meditate, this is a good time for yoga for relaxation, take a walk or just sit back in your favorite chair and dream.

The trick here is to forget all of your daily woes. Forget about your job, your husband, your kids and pets. This is your time.


Yes I know that word sends shivers up your spine, but you need to do it. Start slow, walk, join an aerobics class for beginners or just pop in a DVD and exercise with Ann Jillian or Richard Simmons. Make sure you stretch those arms and legs before doing anything else. Even walking around the block can lead to pain if you don't warm up first. When you are done with your selected work out, be sure to stretch some more. Gently stretch to cool down. When doing even to simplest type of exercise you need to warm up, then cool down.

Exercise can lead to self-esteem. Just watch as the weight comes off and you body firms up.

Yes you will have rough spots ahead but if you love yourself you will get past them. It is a lot easier to forgive yourself having an extra piece of pie if you love yourself.

Never call yourself a loser. Always call yourself a winner. Remember a winner loves their body no matter what its shape. Hey it is your body, it is the only one you've got so love it and live with it. Practice self-esteem and you will come to love your diet.

Debra McGauley owner of Love My

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